Review: Angels & Demons

Author: Dan Brown

Genre: Crime fiction

Pages: 620

Ratings: 5/5



Okay, now that I have this out of my system I’d like to say that Angels & Demons has got to be the best thriller book I have come across in a very long time. (The Millennium Trilogy, still topping the list). 

A deadly albeit powerful anti-matter has been hidden somewhere in the vaults of Vatican City which is destructive and can literally blow off Rome from the face of the Earth. Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist is summoned by CERN to identify the inhuman death of the brilliant scientist Leonardo Vetra who has on his chest an Illuminati symbol seared brutally. He is assisted by his daughter Vittoria Vetra. a renowned Italian scientist,  in decoding anti-matter that completely fuses the theory of science and questions the existence of God. At the same time, a new pope has to be elected in Rome and even before the official ceremony could take place, four cardinals go missing. The illuminati, a secret brotherhood extinct for nearly 400 years, are thought to resurface only to take revenge against the Catholic Church. A precarious hassassin is on a killing spree and his targets are the four cardinals who are mercilessly annihilated by branding their chests with the Illuminati symbols, respectively. Here, starts the quest for searching the lethal anti-matter and finding the lost cardinals.

The plot keeps treading in various directions from OMG moments to really tardy scenes but all in all you’d be glued to it nonetheless. The reason why action-filled novels should be read instead of watching its movie-adaptations is because of the very fact that you get to connect to the characters, their emotions, their dilemmas  and it leaves so much to the imagination. Dan Brown is a commendable writer when it comes to merging religion, symbols and providing the readers with a plethora of facts. Do not go by the number of pages since it is very fast paced and you’d be stopping for breaths. If only Brown could lessen the description. After a certain period it becomes way too much and usually goes over your head.

I read a couple of reviews about Dan Brown’s novels. Most people feel he is a crappy writer and writes shit that he has no idea about. Well, honestly if a book like TWILIGHT gets to be an international bestseller for weeks and also gets the opportunity to torture people with its movie adaptations then Dan Brown did a splendid job at keeping his characters as real as possible and not overdoing it even a bit. Every book has a downside and this novel is no exception.

I’d definitely suggest reading Angels & Demons. Descriptive, Thrilling and captivating.


Author: Shumaila Taher

Because reading is one of the best things to have happened to me. I laugh at all your unfunny jokes, too.

One thought on “Review: Angels & Demons”

  1. I find u’ve a way wid words n gud in articulating ur thoughts; a wonderful review. Keep up ur writing
    Aside I found Da Vinci better maybe coz it was first of dat genre; Deception Point quite didn’t live up to it ..

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