Review Policy

If I could ask for a super-power, I would ask to be granted the ability to read multiple books in a day. But alas, life is not a wish granting factory. (If you’re a reader, you’d know which book the quote is from).

The genres that interest me the most are psychological thrillers, historical fiction and contemporary novels. Therefore, these books appeal to me more than the rest and I am open to reviewing them. This does not mean that I CAN’T or WILL NOT review other genres. The idea behind a review is to project the book in its truest form. Someone not interested in the genre of magical realism might not do justice with that particular book. It only makes sense if we all stick to what we love and have knowledge about.

The reviews are going to be honest and unbiased. If there’s something about the book that does not resonate with me, I will talk about it. We should remember, books are subjective. If I don’t like a book, someone else will. I have nothing against the author or the publisher.

I prefer paperbacks mostly but I’m willing to read e-books if there’s no other alternate available.

You can contact me for book reviews here: